OHANA Huckleberry Sunglasses

The OHANA™ Tombstone line of sunglasses have been manufactured and designed to inflict a unique sense of style and character. This line is labeled Tombstone to reflect and relate to the lawless city of America, located in Tombstone, Arizona. The infamous story behind Tombstone took place in the late 1800s, and had several parties involved, such as the Earp Family. A-lot of the names have great significance to this Era.

About Our Sunglasses

Style says a-lot about an individual. So why not show the world you’re eco-friendly and do it in style with the OHANA, Ecostylin Sunglasses. High quality sunglasses handmade with natural products from energy renewable resources. The natural fit is super comfortable with skin friendly materials. 


  • All sunglasses are equipped with a level 3 polarization

  • For each individual purchase OHANA will plant 50 trees

  • We offer a lifetime warranty directly through OHANA

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